Group Chat Room Chat online with a community, team, users or customers using a single, public chat room or in one-on-one private rooms. Private Voice or video discussions You may send other participants in the chat room a private message and have one-to-one audio or video calls. Add images to the chat room directly from your own pc It's also easy to add documents, excel files, presentations and pdfs directly to the chat room. Send short audio messages: Record up to 10 seconds of audio and send them to the chat room. Share a YouTube or Vimeo video and add it will automatically be embedded in the chat. Promote via Social Networks. Let chatters invite friends from FaceBook and Twitter directly from the chat room. Your audience have the ability to Tweet interesting lines from the chat or share them on Facebook. Chat room administrators may delete single messages, using the options available within the room. As administrator, you may disconnect a user or ban them by IP. If users have logged in with their Twitter or FaceBook accounts, their profile information will show in the list of chat room users.
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Période d'essai gratuiteOui 7 days
  • 14$/mo 50 chatters, 1 room
  • 25$/mo 150 chatters, 3 rooms
  • 49$/mo 250?, 8 rooms
Date de lancement2012
Application WebOui
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integrationOui Facebook, Twitter
Applications bureau (desktop)
Support MobileOui
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