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Compare Zopim vs ArcChat vs HeyBubble vs Olark vs Smartsupp vs LiveChat vs LivePerson vs SnapEngage vs ClickDesk vs oFeatures
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Live chat widget

LiveChat serves as a premium live chat and help desk software for online sales and customer service.

LiveChat allows online businesses to interact with customers on their website and be more accessible.

Easy to use and customize, LiveChat reduces the number of customer emails and calls, helping increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Key LiveChat advantages:
  • give customer service at any time of the day or night
  • interact with customers on the website
  • make extra sales from using the service
  • provide valuable business insight on website visitors

Why LiveChat

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Features list

The fastest way to help customers

Olark is the most beautiful and effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support. And we make it super easy for you! Solve customer problems before they have a chance to click away. Give customers the answers they need immediately and gain powerful insights about what they want for relationships that last. Olark has powerful features to give you access to visitors and their behaviors. Make your business (and your site) look good and keep your customers coming back.

Smartsupp is FREE live chat with visitor recording & unlimited number of agents. Your customers are on your website right now. Chat with them and see what they do.

Watch video recording of any visitor on your website. You see his screen, mouse movement and clicks. Great for understanding your customer's behavior.

Smartsupp increases conversions by up to 500 % (measurable in Google Analytics) and improves customer loyalty.

Smartsupp is in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian and many more languages.

SnapEngage is a simple and streamlined live chat service. Engage with your visitors and improve your conversion. Live chat with your visitors From your favorite instant messenger or mobile device.

Keep all your conversations in your existing CRM or Help Desk.

iAdvize is a conversational commerce platform that is used in 40 different countries. The platform enables businesses to engage their customers and prospects, whether they’re on the website or on social media, from one chat, voice and video messaging solution. Visitors can get real-time advice from customer service associates but also from advocates, members of the brand community via ibbü – an on-demand pool of experts.

More features:
Live chat for small business. Very clean UI. No unnecessary options.

Zopim is a live chat support software that lets you install a widget on your website to chat and sell directly to your online customers. It will help you to see who is on your site in real time. Then you can provide live customer help when they have a query.

Zopim works with nearly every browser, IM client and mobile phone out there. Enjoy the flexibility to provide live support from anywhere.

If looking for zopim alternative - check out
With HeyBubble you can track your visitors in real time and engage them to chat, providing excellent customer service, allowing customers to ask questions before making a purchase on your website.

HeyBubble offers a beautiful non-intrusive chat that is embedded in the bottom corner of your companies webpage, that creates a portal to allow communication between your customer and yourself.

HeyBubble has many great features to help you reach your customers such as real time information, statistics, chat transcripts, mobile device support and more all in one web based application.

HeyBubble is a New York based company

ClickDesk is a combo of Live Chat, Voice Chat, Email Help Desk & Social Toolbar.

ClickDesk is the fastest growing live chat and online engagement solutions provider in the industry today. We have added over 75,000 businesses in two years. Since our launch, we have been adding thousands of businesses monthly.

LivePerson enables businesses to chat with prospects and customers. LivePerson gathers a broad set of customer and business data, including historical, behavioral, operational, and third party data to help you understand your visitors. LivePerson live chat software includes a proprietary real time analytics to enhance your understanding of customer needs and business objectives.

oFeatures powers customer service. It provides website owners with easy to use features, which they can copy and paste straight to their website without technical skills. It offers the following features:

  • Live Chat
  • Customer Feedback
  • Ticketing System
  • Call Me Back
  • Contact Form
  • and more

If you have customers worldwide, you can create as many language versions as you need.

The website administrator and his Support Team Members can communicate with customers located anywhere in the world.

oFeatures offers a list of predefined themes as well as the possibility to customize them in any way.

Through Statistics it is possible to have insight and control over customer service performance.

Thanks to built-in video tutorials time spent on getting familiar with oFeatures is reduced.

VideoDesk is a leading SaaS company that helps businesses bring the in-store human dimension into their online customer sales and support experience. This revolutionary technology, adopted by successful brands across the globe, uses live text and video chat, live video product demos, co-browse and document share, to help engage consumers and personalize the purchase path. All over the world, online shoppers appreciate and value the immediacy of live support (less than 15 seconds to reach an associate), and appreciate personalized face to face interaction when they are making a decision. For businesses, reduced cart abandonment rates, more frequent upselling opportunities and higher revenues are the principal advantages of the VideoDesk solution. Brands that understand the power of real time human interaction are trailblazing the online support experience with VideoDesk live chat.

Crisp is a livechat designed for startups and really simple to use
Crisp allows to manage users across multiple websites
Apps (iOS, Android, Mac & Windows) are available
REVE Chat is a cloud based multi-channel live chat platform that enables online businesses to proactively engage with the website visitors. As REVE Chat can be integrated with social media channels like Facebook and Viber, it also lets companies to offer social media customer support.

As a live chat solution, REVE Chat facilitates online engagement to provide better customer service and boost sales conversions. It allows you to fully customize the chat experience to suit your brand, monitor website visitors, live chat with your Facebook page visitors, offer proactive chat invitations and many more.
Free trial periodYes 14 days, no credit card required.Yes Free plan, & all paid plans have 14 days free trialYes 15 daysYes 7 days - Apply here: 14 daysYes 14 daysYes 14 Days, and Freemium packageYes Free planYes 14 days free trialYes 14 daysYes Pilot trial availableYes 14 jours d'essaiYes
Number of paid customers1600010000
Pricing plans
  • Starter Plan: $16 / month / account
  • Team Plan: $33 / month / account
  • Business Plan: $50 / month / account
  • Enterprise Plan: $149 / month / account

There's no limit of active chats going at any one time.

Full pricing details available at:

  • Bronze Plan: $15 /month (1 operator...),
  • Gold Plan: $44 /month (4 operators, SSL security...),
  • Platinum Plan: $116 /month (8 operators, white label, SSL security...)
  • Ultimate Plan: $219 /month (15 operators, SSL security, white label, phone support...)
  • FREE: free forever with unlimited agents & chats
  • STANDARD: 8 € / month / agent
  • PRO:19 € / month / agent
  • Business :4 agents - $66/month
  • Enterprise : 8 agents - $160/month
  • Premier : 15 agents - $460/month
  • One plan 8.11 € (10 operators, unlimited departments, unlimited concurrent chats, unlimited conversations/month)
  • Loyal client discounts
  • Basic Plan $11.20 per agent/mo (unlimited chats)
  • Advanced Plan $20 per agent/mo (unlimited chats + reports, analytics...)
  • Premium $44 per agent/mo (widget unbranding, IP address block, real-time monitoring...)
  • Free Trial - 14 days, no credit card required
  • Free Start-up plan - $0 forever (for individual users)
  • PRO plan - $15/mo
  • ADVANCED plan - $23/mo
  • Lite Plan
    5 Credits/mo*
    3 agents for free
    Limit: 50 requests / month.
    There is an option to change to Standard plan in the future
  • Standard Plan
    10 Credits/mo*
    unlimited requests
    3 agents for free

    *1 Credit = 1 € You can pay in: USD AUD CAD GBP EUR PLN NOK
  • Customized quote: fully customized platform with choice of features and options.
FreeStandard Plan: $13.5 (per month for yearly plan)

Advanced Plan: $22.5 (per month for yearly plan)
Video tour
Launch date2002-06-252009-08-012013-04-012008-10-012010-01-0820152013-01-012011-06-2020152012-09-012015-11-01
Web-based ApplicationYes Compatible with all up-to-date browsers.YesYesYesYes PHP Web applicationYes Simplified UI for small businessYesYes Full HTML5 and Javascript Web applicationYesYesYes HTML5 Responsive Web ApplicationYesYes ResponsiveYes
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integrationNo LiveChat is based on secure proprietary technology - independent from 3rd party protocols (Jabber)Yes XMPP (Jabber)-Yes All Jabber compatible IMs and a very unique Skype integrationYes Google Talk, SkypeNoYes Slack
Desktop ApplicationsYes Desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X.Yes through IM clientsYes XMPP (Jabber) : Pidgin, AdiumYes Through Google-talk and Skype IM clients on both Mac and WindowsYes Available on every computer through a internet navigator- Through IM clientsYes Using Instant Messaging systemsYes Through IM (Gtalk and Skype) on any device ( Mobile, PC, Tablet)YesYes Compatible with all modern desktop & mobile web browsersNoYesYes
Native mobile applicationYes Mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.No No native app, but any Jabber/XMPP app will workYes XMPP (Jabber) : Xabber (Android), IM+ Instant Messenger (iOS, Windows Phone)No No native app (any Google Talk client or Skype)Yes Desktop, tablet, smartphone... iAdvize enables you to advise your visitors wherever and whenever.Yes Free for Android. iOS coming 2016.NoYes Any Skype or Jabber compatible mobile appYes IM (GTalk/Skype)Yes for visitorsNo No native mobile app but mobile video chat SDK available for native Android app integrationYes iOS, AndroidYes iOS, Android
Works for customers on mobile devices?Yes Optimized for mobile devices does not require Flash to work.YesYes fully responsive chat boxYesYes yes - optimised for mobile devicesYes Chat becomes smaller and expands on click. Works on any modern browser, does not require FlashYes Works on some mobile devices. HTML5 dashboardYes YesYesYesYes Responsive, mobile-friendly predefined themes + Possible customization for mobile version and desktop version independentlyYes Mobile video chat SDK available. Works on most mobile and tablet devicesYesYes Responsive Chat Widget
Chat statisticsYes Reports and analytics are focused on measuring customer service efficiency (quantity, performance, handle times) and chat-to-sale conversion (eCommerce goals).YesYesYes Detailed Chat Statistics available in the SnapEngage Dashboard + Google Analytics IntegrationYes More than 150 key Performance indicators: Measure your sales and transactions + monitor staff performance + measure satisfaction + Google AnalyticsYesYes Amazing statistics and reportsYes Chat Transcripts:view real-time chat transcripts on the web and download them in Excel sheet format or have them emailed to you periodically. Analytics and Reports:view by charts/lists, analyze by agents/departments & receive reports through emailYesYesYes Detailed chat statistics, live monitoring, customer feedback reports + Google analytics integration.YesYes
Multi-siteYes There's no limit. One account can be used to manage multiple websites.YesYes no extra chargeYes Unlimited in all plansYes Unlimited from the Custom plan : manage your sites as you want and operators can be multi-siteYes UnlimitedYesYes UnlimitedYes Unlimited domains.YesYes Unlimited amount of websitesYesYes UnlimitedYes
Multiple operatorsYes Every user can have their own account. Different agent roles available.YesYesYesYes UnlimitedYes 10 operators per site for same priceYesYes Yes, For PRO and ADVANCED packages onlyYes Multiple operators. Five simultaneous chats at a time for each operator.YesYes Unlimited amount of operators - You can decide whether users of your oFeatures account have access to the whole system (as you do) or just to the Support PanelYesYes UnlimitedYes
Conversation transcriptsYes Chat transcripts are stored in LiveChat. Option to export archived transcripts.YesYesYesYes UnlimitedYes All, missed or none. Also available in DashboardYesYes Chat linked in real time to visitors already chatted in the past. And full conversation transcripts availableYes Chat TranscriptsYesYes Unlimited for all plans. Available via the Support Panel.YesYesYes
Offline messagesYes Offline messages are saved as tickets, forwarded to a help desk or email address.Yes Messages sent to an email address(es) or into a CRM.YesYesYesYesYesYes Sent to email addressYes Converted to tickets through built-in helpdeskYesYes You can decide on hours in which clients can contact you but even if your chat is off they can still do that using a contact form.Yes Offline behavior options: Chat window hidden / Text message displayed / Message form displayed with email sent to agent of choiceYes E-mail can be repliedYes
CobrowsingYes With the use of a 3rd party application.Yes push webpagesYes Screen recordingYesYes You can see their actions in real-time. If necessary, your can take control of the visitor's browserYes You can see where user is navigatingNoNoYesYesYesYes Two modes available: control mode and highlight mode. See the exact pages your visitors are viewing and guide them personally around your website + highlight items of interestYesYes
Visual customizationYes Several chat window themes to choose from. CSS customization, branding and white label version are available.Yes use existing themes or full CSS customization + whitelabel (non-branded) version for an additional feeYesYes Have your own Look'n'Feel customized to your website starting with Businesss plan + whitelabel on Enterprise planYes Graphic design customisation: interface to customize the chat window as you wantYes 75+ options & 1-click palettesYesYes Several themes and text customization + multiple action buttons and your company logoYes Full customization - White Label, Language, Themes, Color and Text.YesYes Set of predefined styles which can be customized in any way.Yes Fully customizable interface: graphic design, texts, logo, action buttonsYesYes Customize Chat Widget according to your website theme.
Visitor detailsYes Detailed information on online visitors include geolocation, IP address, referrer links, time on the website and number of visits, custom events and more.Yes Geo-location, IP address, browsing time, current & past page details, referrer, No. of visits to site, browser, OS platform, name, email, username, custom data with some API customization, shopping cart info for Shopify and Magento usersYes You can also show custom visitor info from your database User Environment, User IP Address and User Geo Location. Also tracking of visitors navigation across site in real time.Yes Profile detailed with geo-localization and accessible during a discussion + followed real time by present visitors on the siteYesYesYes Name, email, ID, Full Click Path, Time spend, IP, Browser/OS, Referrer, Number of visits, Number of chats, Date of last chats, etc...Yes Full name, e-mail, chat history, results, operating system, browser and language, geographic location, company etc.YesYesYes Standard data: browsing times, current and past pages, number of previous calls, browser, OS platform, name, email, phone number, number of previous calls, geo-location + custom data with data APIYes See chat users types in real-time, country, town, social networks, etcYes
Predefined responsesYes Canned replies are tag-based - by typing in #tag a corresponding answer pops up.Yes Using 3rd Party MacrosYesYes With shortcutsYes Canned responses plus smart answers that are automatically generated.YesYes Shortcuts using # symbol in the chatYes Shortcut messages - save multiple phrases as shortcuts.YesYesYes Canned messages gathered by language- SoonYes
International supportYes 40+ languages available.YesYes Chat support in English, French and CzechYes 26 languagesYes Multilingual support: French, English, Spanish and German.Yes 1 click translation to multi languages or custom translationYesYesYesYesYes Unlimited amount of languages. Conversations are auto assigned based on language skills of agents.Yes Multiple languages supported (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese...)Yes 25 languagesYes Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Clickpath TrackerYes The user's browsing path is displayed in real-time to provide details on visited pages.YesYes Visitor recordingYesYesYesNoYes Every pages, from referrer to current page with associated time spentYesYesYes Webuser path: number of pages visited, browsing time, navigation pathYes Real-timeYes
Transfer to another operatorYes Chats can be transferred back and forth between operators. Chat history is transferred along with the visitor.Yes type !transfer command to transfer to all available operators, transcript link shows to new operatorYesYes Transfer easily between agents, tiers and groupsYes Transfer from Agent to Agent, from expert to agent but also from bot to agent.Yes Operators see conversations and can join/leave at any momentYesYes To a specific operator, a group of operator or the first available operatorYes Three-way conference between agents and visitors. You can also transfer chats to other agents' mobile or desktop to help close leads or provide stellar support.YesYes User-friendly operator transfer controlYesYes Shared inbox between operators. What you see is what your team seeYes
Custom extensionsYes 60+ integrations available, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Zendesk and many other.Yes Extensible API (JavaScript plugin architecture) Many integrations including: SAP Business By Design, SalesForce, Zendesk,, Basecamp, Highrise, BatchBook, JIRA, Facebook, RapLeaf, FullContact, and many more...Yes API: Salesforce, Zendesk...No We've noticed it only brings more distraction for our clients.Yes Javascript API, Many integrations (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc)Yes APIYes One click installable plugins & addons to integrate with all major CRMs & billing systems available.YesYesYes Quick integration with PrestaShop, WordPress and Drupal, CRM integration...Yes 40 plugins including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, SMS, Zendesk
Proactive chat triggersYes LiveChat detects when visitors take certain actions on the website and issue chat invitations based on those actions.Yes Fully customizable rule-based triggersYesYes Proactive chat implementation engages with the visitor on behalf of an agent currently online.Yes Intelligent Targeting rules. Fully customizable based on scoring and criteria.Yes Simple to understand "Auto actions" When... Then...YesYes By time spentYesYesYes Customizable rule-based chat triggersYesYes
Visitor MonitoringYes Monitor the page URL that a website visitor is on and directly engage with them to answer page specific questions.Yes List of visitors shows inside your IM client buddy list or on the screen if using a web-based option. Can enable notifications for when visitors land on your site.YesNoYes You can see their actions in real-time. If necessary, your can take control of the visitor's browserYes Can see who and where are browsing right nowYesYesYesYesYes Number of visitors displayed in real-timeYesYes
Video chatNo Not available.NoNo Visitor recordingNoYes Human support via video chat. The user can decide whether they are visible or not.NoNoNoNoYesYes High quality WebRTC video chat with built-in Flash fallback. Call recording available.- SoonYes
Remote screenshotYes With the use of a 3rd party application.NoYes Screen recordingYesNoNoNoNoYesNo No but remote screen-share, co-browsing and content-share available- Soon
APIYes Open API available.Yes Free APINo We've noticed it only brings more distraction.YesYesYes Available in PRO Plan.Yes for visitor customization, agents...YesYes Data flow API / UI API / Mobile chat SDKYes Api Javascript, RESTYes API's available on request to developers.
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