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LiveChat serves as a premium live chat and help desk software for online sales and customer service.

LiveChat allows online businesses to interact with customers on their website and be more accessible.

Easy to use and customize, LiveChat reduces the number of customer emails and calls, helping increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Key LiveChat advantages:
  • give customer service at any time of the day or night
  • interact with customers on the website
  • make extra sales from using the service
  • provide valuable business insight on website visitors

Why LiveChat

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The fastest way to help customers

Olark is the most beautiful and effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support. And we make it super easy for you! Solve customer problems before they have a chance to click away. Give customers the answers they need immediately and gain powerful insights about what they want for relationships that last. Olark has powerful features to give you access to visitors and their behaviors. Make your business (and your site) look good and keep your customers coming back.

Smartsupp is your personal shopping assistant. It combines live chat and chatbots to save your time and help you turn visitors into loyal customers.

Smartsupp is one of the most popular products in Europe with 50 000 active European webshops and websites.

Why choose Smartsupp?

  • the only product that combines live chat, chatbots and video recordings
  • automate repetitive questions, be personal where it’s relevant and see where visitors get lost on your webshop
  • access real-time visitor list enriched with e-commerce data
  • see who is browsing your webshop, which products are they interested in and proactively start a conversation to make a sale
  • we offer human customer service in 7 different languages
  • GDPR compliant, we securely store your data in the European Union and comply with strict EU data protection laws

SnapEngage is a simple and streamlined live chat service. Engage with your visitors and improve your conversion. Live chat with your visitors From your favorite instant messenger or mobile device.

Keep all your conversations in your existing CRM or Help Desk. provides live chat and in-app messaging tools for your website. With over 12,000 customers worldwide, companies use our software for lead generation, and to improve customer support by chatting with their website visitors using our simple web interface and iPhone/Android mobile apps.

We have one of the easiest-to-use platforms on the market. Try us out and find out why customers prefer!

Features listed here:

Pricing listed here:
Crisp est une solution de gestion de la relation client multicanal pour petites et moyennes entreprises. Le logiciel est très simple de prise en main.
Crisp permet de gérer en équipe plusieurs conversations et de centraliser l'ensemble des canaux de communication de l'entreprise en un seul point.
Des applications (iOS, Android, Mac et Windows) sont disponibles
Crisp propose différents logiciel au sein de sa suite, ce qui permet de gérer au mieux les différents stades de la relation client. Vous retrouverez ainsi:
Un logiciel de live chat permettant aux entreprises de converser avec leur client depuis le site internet.
Crisp propose également de nombreuses autres fonctionnalités que vous pouvez découvrir ici:
Un logiciel de base de connaissances permettant aux entreprises de cultiver une culture de l'autonomie au sein de la société et à destination des clients.
Crisp propose également de nombreuses autres fonctionnalités que vous pouvez découvrir ici:
Un logiciel de chatbot permettant aux entreprises d'offrir un service client 24/7.
REVE Chat is a cloud based multi-channel live chat platform that enables online businesses to proactively engage with the website visitors. As REVE Chat can be integrated with social media channels like Facebook and Viber, it also lets companies to offer social media customer support.

As a live chat solution, REVE Chat facilitates online engagement to provide better customer service and boost sales conversions. It allows you to fully customize the chat experience to suit your brand, monitor website visitors, live chat with your Facebook page visitors, offer proactive chat invitations and many more.
ProProfs Chat is an online live chat software that allows businesses to offer instant support to their customers and engage with their website visitors. Armed with ProProfs Chat your support team can resolve issues faster, provide quick answers to queries about your products & services and assure your customers that they are around anytime they need you. ProProfs Chat will help your support teams reduce tickets, improve customer response time and satisfaction, and ultimately increase sales and ROI.

Zendesk Chat formerly Zopim is a live chat support software that lets you install a widget on your website to chat and sell directly to your online customers. It will help you to see who is on your site in real time. Then you can provide live customer help when they have a query.

Zendesk Chat works with nearly every browser, IM client and mobile phone out there. Enjoy the flexibility to provide live support from anywhere.

Free trial period 14 days, no credit card required. Free plan, & all paid plans have 14 days free trial 15 days 15 days, no credit card required. 14 jours d'essai Try Any Plan Free For 15 Days (Free Trial)) 14 days
Number of paid customers16,00010,000
Pricing plans
  • Starter Plan: $16 / month / account
  • Team Plan: $33 / month / account
  • Business Plan: $50 / month / account
  • Enterprise Plan

There's no limit of active chats going at any one time.

  • $29/month per seat

Save 35% with a 2 year commitment.
  • FREE: free forever for up to 3 agents
  • STANDARD: 15 € / month / 3 agents
  • PRO: 70 € / month / 3 agents
  • Business :4 agents - $66/month
  • Enterprise : 8 agents - $160/month
  • Premier : 15 agents - $460/month
  • Standard (free): $0 / month
  • Premium : $11.99 / month
  • Premium Plus: $50 / month / account

All sign-ups first start with the Premium Plus 15-day trial

  • Crisp Basic : free
  • Crisp Pro : $25 per team
  • Crisp Unlimited : $95 all unlimited
Standard Plan: $13.5 (per month for yearly plan)

Advanced Plan: $22.5 (per month for yearly plan)
  • Essentials: $10 / month
  • Premium: $15 / month
  • Enterprise Plan: custom

Full pricing details available at:

  • Basic Plan $11.20 per agent/mo (unlimited chats)
  • Advanced Plan $20 per agent/mo (unlimited chats + reports, analytics...)
  • Premium $44 per agent/mo (widget unbranding, IP address block, real-time monitoring...)
Launch date2002-06-25 2009-08-01 2013-04-01 2008-10-01 2013-11-01 2015-11-01
Web-based Application Compatible with all up-to-date browsers. Compatible with all up-to-date browsers. Responsive Compatible with all up-to-date browsers.
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integrationNo LiveChat is based on secure proprietary technology - independent from 3rd party protocols (Jabber) XMPP (Jabber)No SlackNo-
Desktop Applications Desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X. through IM clients XMPP (Jabber) : Pidgin, Adium Through Google-talk and Skype IM clients on both Mac and Windows Windows Desktop App, Mac OS X coming soon Desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS.- Through IM clients
Native mobile application Mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.No No native app, but any Jabber/XMPP app will work XMPP (Jabber) : Xabber (Android), IM+ Instant Messenger (iOS, Windows Phone)No No native app (any Google Talk client or Skype) Native apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices iOS, Android iOS, Android Mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.No
Works for customers on mobile devices? Optimized for mobile devices does not require Flash to work. fully responsive chat box Works on all major mobile browsers (responsive) Responsive Chat Widget Yes - optimized for mobile devices Works on some mobile devices. HTML5 dashboard
Chat statistics Reports and analytics are focused on measuring customer service efficiency (quantity, performance, handle times) and chat-to-sale conversion (eCommerce goals). Detailed Chat Statistics available in the SnapEngage Dashboard + Google Analytics Integration Detailed Chat Statistics available + Google Analytics Integration
Multi-site There's no limit. One account can be used to manage multiple websites. no extra charge Unlimited in all plans Yes, the Premium Plus package supports multi-site licenses. One account can be used to manage multiple websites.
Multiple operators Every user can have their own account. Different agent roles available. Each chat agent can have their own unique email login and password Unlimited Every user can have their own account. Different agent roles available.
Conversation transcripts Chat transcripts are stored in LiveChat. Option to export archived transcripts. Yes. Enable chat transcripts to each agent, or globally to multiple email addresses. Chat transcripts are stored in Live Chat and can be export..
Offline messages Offline messages are saved as tickets, forwarded to a help desk or email address. Messages sent to an email address(es) or into a CRM. Yes. Automatically converts to offline messaging outside of your defined schedule and sends an email notification for any customer submissions. E-mail can be replied Offline messages are saved as tickets.
Cobrowsing With the use of a 3rd party application. push webpages Screen recording- Monitor what page URL the customer is on, and see what web pages they accessed on your website.No
Visual customization Several chat window themes to choose from. CSS customization, branding and white label version are available. use existing themes or full CSS customization + whitelabel (non-branded) version for an additional fee Have your own Look'n'Feel customized to your website starting with Businesss plan + whitelabel on Enterprise plan Supports different color themes, text changes, pre-chat form fields, and Advanced CSS for more options. Customize Chat Widget according to your website theme. Fully customizable
Visitor details Detailed information on online visitors include geolocation, IP address, referrer links, time on the website and number of visits, custom events and more. Geo-location, IP address, browsing time, current & past page details, referrer, No. of visits to site, browser, OS platform, name, email, username, custom data with some API customization, shopping cart info for Shopify and Magento users You can also show custom visitor info from your database User Environment, User IP Address and User Geo Location. Also tracking of visitors navigation across site in real time. visitor's page URL, referring site, new user vs. returning, IP address, country, region, browser, operating system. See chat users types in real-time, country, town, social networks, etc Detailed information on online visitors include geolocation, time on the website and number of visits and more.
Predefined responses Canned replies are tag-based - by typing in #tag a corresponding answer pops up. Using 3rd Party Macros With shortcuts Unlimited canned responses. Add them with quick shortcuts, also use them on mobile. Canned response
International support 40+ languages available. Chat support in English, French and Czech 26 languages 23 languages supported, almost fully customizable front-end widget. Agent dashboard is English only. 48 langues Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish Yes, provide International support
Clickpath Tracker The user's browsing path is displayed in real-time to provide details on visited pages. Visitor recording See what web pages the visitor has viewed, and the current page they're on. MagicBrowse + MagicMap Visitors real time page can be seen.See what web pages the visitor has viewed, and the current page they're on.No
Transfer to another operator Chats can be transferred back and forth between operators. Chat history is transferred along with the visitor. type !transfer command to transfer to all available operators, transcript link shows to new operator Transfer easily between agents, tiers and groups Transfer to other online agents, and include a private message if necessary. Shared inbox between operators. What you see is what your team see Yes, chats can be transferred back and forth between operators. Chat history is transferred along with the visitor.
Custom extensions 60+ integrations available, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Zendesk and many other. Extensible API (JavaScript plugin architecture) Many integrations including: SAP Business By Design, SalesForce, Zendesk,, Basecamp, Highrise, BatchBook, JIRA, Facebook, RapLeaf, FullContact, and many more... Integrate with Infusionsoft, Google Analytics, and over 500 apps with Zapier 40 plugins including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, SMS, Zendesk 35+ integrations are available with ProProfs Chat Javascript API, Many integrations (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc)
Proactive chat triggers LiveChat detects when visitors take certain actions on the website and issue chat invitations based on those actions. Fully customizable rule-based triggers Proactive chat implementation engages with the visitor on behalf of an agent currently online. Very powerful automatic targeting with Smart Messages. Read more here: ProProfs Live Chat detects when visitors take certain actions on the website and chat invitation popup based on those actions.
Visitor Monitoring Monitor the page URL that a website visitor is on and directly engage with them to answer page specific questions. List of visitors shows inside your IM client buddy list or on the screen if using a web-based option. Can enable notifications for when visitors land on your site.No Real-time visitor monitoring from page to page, time on site, new vs. returning users, location, and more. Real-time visitor monitoring of visitor.
Video chatNo Not available.NoNo Visitor recordingNoNoNoNo
Remote screenshot With the use of a 3rd party application.No Screen recordingNo Available with 3rd party extensions.No
API Open API available. Coming soon. Api Javascript, REST API's available on request to developers. API Available.
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User reviews and comments

  • tareque on 2022-03-08 12:03:02
    liked REVE Chat

    REVE Chat is a really awesome tool for customer support.

  • Badhon on 2022-03-08 09:23:13
    liked REVE Chat

    I used REVE Chat in my online business and suddenly my customers were more responsive and increased my website traffic and sales rate. I would highly recommend REVE chat to everyone.

  • Mamunur on 2022-03-08 09:10:42
    liked REVE Chat

    I found Revechat an interactive omnichannel solution which can be used for all solution spaces of customer engagement including customer support, lead generation & conversational marketing. revechat has both live chat and chatbot solution for almost all channels like facebook, whatsapp, viber, telegram and so on.

  • Nik on 2022-03-08 09:08:58
    liked REVE Chat

    it was simple to integrate my business channels and they are super supportive. Happy with REVE Chat services. Recommended to everyone.

  • rouf on 2022-03-08 09:07:26
    liked REVE Chat

    Best ever live chat

  • Ryan on 2022-03-08 08:06:09
    liked REVE Chat

    Excellent Bot + Live Chat Solution. Video call feature is very helpful. Bot making is easy. Some more technical "How to" documentation will be helpful.

  • Rupen on 2022-03-06 10:45:38
    liked REVE Chat

    I like their Chatbot as it has option to transfer chat to human agent. Video Chat and co-browsing by code feature also very helpful for my business.

  • Anis Fagun on 2022-03-03 04:26:27
    liked REVE Chat

    It's an omnichannel customer engagement platform that has Live Chat, Video Chat, Chatbot and many other features.

  • Bill Widmer on 2018-07-25 18:39:26
    liked Formilla

    Formilla is an amazing live chat service. The app works well and their customer service is fantastic!

  • on 2018-07-24 22:24:43
    suggested on Formilla to set Affiliate / Credit Program to yes

    25% recurring commissions (lifetime)

  • suvro on 2017-11-07 13:02:13
    liked REVE Chat

    More easy to use

  • Alexandre Tolstenko Nogueira on 2016-07-18 18:28:37
    suggested on Smartsupp FREE live chat to set Video chat to - Visitor recording

    Beta testing

  • Hugo Mro on 2016-05-14 12:10:53
    liked Crisp

    Un super service et gratuit en plus !

  • Julien Le Coupanec on 2016-05-12 04:40:04
    liked Crisp

    This service is free. It works well. Crisp is my favorite chat system. I recommend startupers to use it and to reduce their costs.

  • Anthony Riera on 2016-05-11 23:05:15
    liked Crisp

    Super service, je recommande !

  • Bartosz Rybitwa on 2016-03-22 19:44:18
    liked LiveChat

    Very good support and amazing mobile app. I love how you can customize your chat with CSS. 11/10 software in my opinion!

  • Lukáš Rajchl on 2016-01-25 11:09:00
    suggested on Smartsupp FREE live chat to set Pricing plans to FREE : free forever with unlimited agents MINI: 4 € / month / agent STANDARD: 8 € / month / agent PRO: 19 € / month / agent

    In 1 year payment.

  • josefina1234 on 2015-11-11 14:02:20

    that is not video chat, it is only recording of visitors on the web

  • Lukáš Pelc on 2015-11-04 08:38:55

    Best chat ever

  • Petr Janošík on 2015-11-03 18:46:16

    First live chat with visitor recording

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