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2016-04-11 14:39:18

Watcheezy is an easy to use intelligent live chat for websites.

1.Monitor visitors on your website in real time

2. Receive alerts to target higher value visitors

3. Helpfully engage and convert.

Recognize key moments to engage and offer assisted support through Click to Chat, Click to Call or video conference. Engage a proactive chat with your targeted visitors, reduce your cart abandonment rate and win your customer satisfaction.

Add a sales guy to your website.

Watcheezy uses WebRTC Technology for high quality secured audio/video calls. No plug in to install to use the service.

We provide a free API to integrate Watcheezy with your business applications and improve your behavioral targeting.
Live Chat Software Comparison
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Video tour
Free trial periodYes 15 days free trial
Pricing plans
  • Freemium version (Up to 1 agent, 10 engagements, 50000 page views/month, limited features)
  • Eezy 1 - $39/mo (1 agent included, unlimited engagements, 100 000 page views/month, unlimited features)
  • Eezy 2 - $99/mo (1 agent included, unlimited engagements, 250 000 page views/month, unlimited features)
  • Eezy 3 - $199/mo (1 agent included, unlimited engagements, 500 000 page views/month, unlimited features)
Launch date2013-11-04
Web-based ApplicationYes
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integrationNo
Desktop Applications
Native mobile application-
Works for customers on mobile devices?Yes Watcheezy is multiplateform (Computer, Mobile and Touchpad)
Chat statisticsYes Watcheezy provides statistics in real-time with reports and analytics (traffic, coverage rate, conversion rate,number of chats...)
Multi-siteYes Unlimited number of websites with Eezy offers
Multiple operatorsYes $15 per additional agent
Conversation transcriptsYes Full conversation transcripts available and downloadable
Offline messagesYes
Visual customizationYes Customize the live chat module directly in the back office
Visitor detailsYes IP address, browsing time, geolocation, current page details, referrer, status, browser, chat history, visit history + 3rd party data (Facebook, Salesforce, Mixpanel...)
Predefined responsesYes Réponses pré-enregistrées. Ajout et modification par les conseillers ou le superagent.
International supportYes Disponible dans plusieurs langues
Clickpath TrackerYes Suivi du parcours de navigation, des interactions avec le site + engagement automatique et personnalisé en fonction du comportement du visiteur.
Transfer to another operatorYes
Custom extensionsYes API targeting, integration with Prestashop, Magento, Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, Weezbe, BoutikOne & Powerboutique
Proactive chat triggersYes Set your behavioral targeting rules and identify in real time your potential buyers. Start a proactive live chat with them
Visitor MonitoringYes IP address, browsing time, geolocation, current page details, referrer, status, browser, chat history, visit history
Video chatNo Chat audio et vidéo utilisant le WebRTC
Remote screenshotNo
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  • voted for this Item (Like)
    J'aime la possibilité de déclencher des alertes quand mes clients consultent leur page panier et le fait de pouvoir commencer une discussion avec eux. C'est facile à utiliser et plutôt intuitif. Je recommande
    Français Posted 2014-07-16 14:46:45 by Gigicoo
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    Watcheezy is very easy to use and it boosts my sales ! I would recommend it a 100 times !
    Posted 2014-07-16 14:37:35 by Chloéé
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    Nouveau venu très efficace et très facile. En plus, c'est français !
    Français Posted 2014-05-23 10:32:55 by hervebgx
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    The best tool to boost your online customer relationship
    Français Posted 2014-01-14 09:41:36 by Watcheezy

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