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2020-11-15 10:58:41
Compare Email Marketing Services by Pricing options
Free trial periodYes forever FREE plan (unlimited emails for up to 1.000 subscribers)
Pricing per subscriber (monthly payment)Yes Fixed monthly fee depending on your subscriber list
Pricing per subscriber (annual payment)Yes
Pricing per sent email (email credits)No
Non-profit organization discountYes
Specific pricing plans
SMTP Integration
Monthly Pricing Options
up to 250 subscribers
up to 10000 subscribers20 USD
up to 25000 subscribers50 USD
up to 30000 subscribers60 USD
up to 35000 subscribers70 USD
up to 45000 subscribers90 USD
up to 50000 subscribers100 USD
up to 75000 subscribers160 USD
up to 80000 subscribers160 USD
up to 100000 subscribers200 USD
up to 120000 subscribers260 USD
up to 220000 subscribers
up to 330000 subscribers
up to 616000 subscribers
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