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REVE Chat is a cloud based multi-channel live chat platform that enables online businesses to proactively engage with the website visitors. As REVE Chat can be integrated with social media channels like Facebook and Viber, it also lets companies to offer social media customer support.

As a live chat solution, REVE Chat facilitates online engagement to provide better customer service and boost sales conversions. It allows you to fully customize the chat experience to suit your brand, monitor website visitors, live chat with your Facebook page visitors, offer proactive chat invitations and many more.
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Período de prueba gratuito
Pricing plansStandard Plan: $13.5 (per month for yearly plan)

Advanced Plan: $22.5 (per month for yearly plan)
Launch date
Web-based Application
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integration
Desktop Applications
Native mobile application iOS, Android
Works for customers on mobile devices? Responsive Chat Widget
Chat statistics
Multiple operators
Conversation transcripts
Offline messages
Visual customization Customize Chat Widget according to your website theme.
Visitor details
Predefined responses
International support Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Clickpath Tracker
Transfer to another operator
Custom extensions
Proactive chat triggers
Visitor Monitoring
Video chat
Remote screenshot
API API's available on request to developers.
Social Networks
Livechat & Chatbot
2018-05-22 11:58:36
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User reviews and comments

  • tareque on 2022-03-08 12:03:02
    like this

    REVE Chat is a really awesome tool for customer support.

  • Badhon on 2022-03-08 09:23:13
    like this

    I used REVE Chat in my online business and suddenly my customers were more responsive and increased my website traffic and sales rate. I would highly recommend REVE chat to everyone.

  • Mamunur on 2022-03-08 09:10:42
    like this

    I found Revechat an interactive omnichannel solution which can be used for all solution spaces of customer engagement including customer support, lead generation & conversational marketing. revechat has both live chat and chatbot solution for almost all channels like facebook, whatsapp, viber, telegram and so on.

  • Nik on 2022-03-08 09:08:58
    like this

    it was simple to integrate my business channels and they are super supportive. Happy with REVE Chat services. Recommended to everyone.

  • rouf on 2022-03-08 09:07:26
    like this

    Best ever live chat

  • Ryan on 2022-03-08 08:06:09
    like this

    Excellent Bot + Live Chat Solution. Video call feature is very helpful. Bot making is easy. Some more technical "How to" documentation will be helpful.

  • Rupen on 2022-03-06 10:45:38
    like this

    I like their Chatbot as it has option to transfer chat to human agent. Video Chat and co-browsing by code feature also very helpful for my business.

  • Anis Fagun on 2022-03-03 04:26:27
    like this

    It's an omnichannel customer engagement platform that has Live Chat, Video Chat, Chatbot and many other features.

  • suvro on 2017-11-07 13:02:13
    like this

    More easy to use