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SendGrid vs Mandrill vs MailJet (SMTP Server Email Marketing Services with Free Plan)


Mandrill (MailChimp service), MailJet and SendGrid are 3 SMTP Email Marketing Services with free plan, so you can easily test them and decide which one is the best for you.

For a complete comparison table of all SMTP servers solutions, you can also have a look on this detailed comparison matrix: transactional-emailing-providers-mailjet-sendgrid-critsend

Technical details
SMTP supportYesYesYes
Send transactional emailsYesYesYes
Send bulk emailsYesYesYes
Automatic DKIM signingYesYesYes
Open TrackingYesYesYes
Click TrackingYesYesYes
WYSIWYG Newsletter EditorYes Available for free, with any plan (Free plan included)YesYes +$0,25 per thousand, in addition to monthly package
Dedicated IP availableYes With our Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Plans, you can ask for a Dedicated IP address.Yes $29 per monthYes
Personalized DKIM for free (no more "on behalf of")YesYesYes Upgrade to a Silver plan or higher to get personalized DKIM
Free plan6,000 emails per month, max 200 per dayN/A (Since re-integration with Mailchimp)45 day free trial, 12,000 per month, 400 emails per day
Price$ 0.18 to $0.50 per thousand$ 10 for cheapest MailChimp account + $20 per month minimum charge$ 0.57 to $0.80 USD per thousand
REST APIYesYesYes Yes, for our Bronze plan and higher (and Free plan too)
Event APIYes For every plan, you can get every event (open, click, bounce...) in real timeYesYes Yes, for our Silver plan and higher (and Free plan too)
Manage contacts through APIYes Read a full tutorial at See our Newsletter API at
Send email through APIYes Only by one HTTP call
24/7 SupportYes Across 3 Global Time Zones - Online ticket generationYes Online ticket generation.
Dedicated Support TeamYesYesYes
Launch dateAug. 10th 2010 2012 AprilApr. 28th 2009
Emails sent per month800,000,0008,800,000,000 (8.8 Billion) total in August 2013 13,196,017,135 total in 1/2015
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, SpanishEnglishEnglish
Last updateJul. 23rd 2019 6:33:26 PMJul. 23rd 2019 6:33:26 PMDec. 3rd 2020 12:30:59 PM
Compare Mandrill (Mailchimp service) vs Mailjet vs SendGrid (SMTP Services)
Vanina Community
Dec. 3rd 2020 12:30:59 PM
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User reviews and comments

  • gdouvet on Oct. 2nd 2017 9:56:44 AM

    Solution efficace et support réactif. Je recommande

  • edrokov on Sep. 4th 2017 9:49:40 PM
    commented on Mailjet

    So far my experience is extremely ignorant, lazy and helpless first line support basically doing nothing. One ticket resolving takes more than 1 week!

  • Abhi on Apr. 8th 2017 8:57:37 AM
    suggested to set Name to SendGrid vs Mandrill vs MailJet vs SwipeMail (SMTP Server Email Marketing Services with Free Plan)
  • jas on Dec. 21st 2016 4:05:30 AM

    SendinBlue is terrible for support..

  • jas on Dec. 21st 2016 4:05:09 AM

    I had a very bad experience with Sendinblue

  • Charles on Feb. 25th 2016 11:58:30 AM
    commented on Mandrill

    No more free plan since April 2016. :(

  • Maffoo on Feb. 6th 2016 1:38:09 PM
    commented on Mailjet

    Update: managed to get second email confirmation working after being in touch with them via twitter, and decided to go with them due to mailgun's annoying company verification stuff which put me off.

  • Maffoo on Feb. 1st 2016 10:50:54 AM
    commented on Mailjet

    I tried to add a second email to my account and it went straight into spam. Then the confirmation link inside didn't work (404). Then whitelisting my local domain didn't work, so now I'm stuck. Therefore, I have no interest in going any further as I can't be bothered waiting around for them to fix things.

  • NetGains on Dec. 7th 2013 8:24:08 AM

    We have used sendgrid as well as mandrill (MailChimp). Both have rock solid APIs and goof platform.

  • ferrantim on Jan. 4th 2013 10:12:20 PM

    SendGrid, Mandrill and Mailjet are not the only transactional email providers with free plans. Can you open this table to other popular providers? (Disclosure, I work for Mailgun)

  • Vanina on Jun. 13th 2012 11:02:34 PM

    Thanks @loren, I have updated this comparison table accordingly.

  • loren on Jun. 12th 2012 5:08:00 PM
    suggested to set Excerpt to Compare Mandrill vs Mailjet vs SendGrid (SMTP Services)

    MailChimp has a new SMTP service with a free plan now, called Mandrill (, and the STS product is being phased out. Let's get this comparison up-to-date! I've already added Mandrill and removed STS from the larger comparison at: transactional-emailing-providers-mailjet-sendgrid-critsend