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eAssistance Pro Live chat Solution


eAssistance Pro Live chat software solution for Customer support, live help and engage online user to increase online sales. User can implement eAssistance Pro live chat support on website very easily and quickly. Software can easily integrate with CRM and commonly used Open CMS like wordpress, Joomla, magento, cakephp, prestashop, zendcart and support to mobile application as well (iphone, iPad, android , smartphone and Blacberry. Free trial is available for 30 Days.

eAssistance Pro Live chat Solution
Free trial periodYes 15 days - Try full features, no credit card required
Pricing plans

After the free trial period, user can subscribe live chat solution for Basic Plan:

  • 1 month at $7 (1 Operator)
  • 3 months subscription at $20 (1 Operator)
  • 6 months subscription at $38 (1 Operator)
  • 1 year subscription at $67 (1 Operator)
Launch dateJan. 23rd 2013
Web-based ApplicationYes
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integration
Desktop ApplicationsYes Windows Platform
Native mobile applicationYes Web console for mobile devices
Works for customers on mobile devices?Yes works on all smartphones such as iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry devices
Chat statisticsYes Complete chat statistics with reports and analytics
Multi-siteYes Unlimited site access
Multiple operatorsYes Depends upon subscription package
Conversation transcriptsYes Saved both on server and on local system
Offline messagesYes
Visual customizationYes Fully customizable as per user requirements. Lots of presets available with option to use custom images and text
Visitor detailsYes Geo-location, IP address, browsing time, current page details, referrer, footprints, status, browser, OS platform, screen resolution, physical address
Predefined responsesYes Canned responses available, Can be created by both admin and operators.
International supportYes 20 Languages
Clickpath TrackerYes
Transfer to another operatorYes Transfer within operators from same, different departments and reference chat generated for each transferred chat
Custom extensionsYes Add-ons, plugins and JavaScript available. Quick integration with Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Zen Desk, Magento, Big Commerce, Sales Force, Zen Cart, eBay Stores, Shopify
Proactive chat triggersYes
Visitor MonitoringYes Complete details through ‘visitors’ section from Operator consoles
Video chatNo
Remote screenshotNo
Social Networks
Livechat & Chatbot
Feb. 25th 2014 8:07:59 AM
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User reviews and comments

  • GilbertStrang on Aug. 3rd 2015 1:13:25 PM
    like this

    Anyone can use this software, who has their online business. It is a secure and reliable live chat application.

  • KimScott25 on Jul. 28th 2015 11:10:19 AM
    like this

    I have tried some more software before using eAssistance Pro, but I can say that it is much better then other.

  • Robert Duvall on Jul. 20th 2015 9:31:24 AM
    like this

    I am fully satisfied with the performance of eAssistance Pro live chat software.

  • foremangeorge16 on Jul. 14th 2015 12:42:17 PM
    like this

    Very effective live chat software.

  • ThomasGrey25 on Jun. 26th 2015 2:19:55 PM
    like this

    Nice software

  • June savvyas on Jun. 16th 2015 10:07:36 AM
    like this

    Get exclusive offer with eAssistance pro live chat. Check it now and avail this offer.

  • rathelssizya on Mar. 10th 2015 1:24:46 PM
    like this

    This is best live chat software ,with best pricing and dedicated managers to us

  • simansa sithrolick on Mar. 2nd 2015 12:13:34 PM
    like this


  • susanne surazee on Dec. 9th 2014 10:44:08 AM
    like this

    Hey i am a blogger and really love this software for my fashion blog site.You can add me at fashionandtrends...Cheers

  • Marks maunzar on Dec. 3rd 2014 1:19:31 PM
    like this

    Its no doubt the best choice for

  • makemyhomes on Nov. 27th 2014 11:27:32 AM
    like this

    We are using this for our site and we are very much satisfied.Wish them good luck

  • Sudesh on Nov. 26th 2014 2:43:22 PM
    like this

    I am using this live chat software. I really like it....

  • ships on Aug. 5th 2014 1:22:06 PM
    like this

    We are using eAssistance Pro for our dating site and its really works great

  • clanvoodbey on Jul. 1st 2014 8:17:02 AM
    like this

    Works Perfect

  • ronaladosunmisky on Jun. 24th 2014 1:52:05 PM
    like this

    amazing chatware

  • Vincentia lucia on Apr. 18th 2014 9:48:12 AM
    like this

    Voted for eAssistance Pro

  • shipra on Nov. 29th 2013 1:48:13 PM
    like this

    We assure to provide the best chat services

  • chrisowen1983 on Nov. 6th 2013 12:13:43 PM
    like this

    Nice features and very easy in use

  • Shrish Singh on Oct. 30th 2013 6:49:22 AM
    like this

    I am using this live chat software for online customer support and I think it is much better than other

  • jemmybutton on Oct. 29th 2013 5:17:48 AM
    like this

    I am currently using this software and that is good

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