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2021-12-29 12:22:25
Provide Support has been providing live chat and real time monitoring solution since 2003. With more than 10000 customers all over the globe we are proud to say that our service has become helpful for various industries and improved both their sales and customer service quality.
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Trial and Prices10-day free fully functional trial.
Subscription packages (price for 1 month / 3 months / 6 month / 1 year):
  • Small business (1 operator) - $15 / $35 / $60 / $99
  • Corporate (3 operators) - $30 / $70 / $120 / $198
  • Enterprise (10 operators) - $60 / $140 / $240 / $396
Custom packages available.
All packages contain the same full set of features. No hidden or additional costs involved.
Launch date2003-08-01
Web-based ApplicationYes Modern web chat agent app is compatible with all modern browsers. Classic one supports even outdated browsers.
Offline messagesYes When the chat is offline visitor can either leave an offline message or be redirected to a custom web page. Offline chat button can be hidden at all as well.
Native mobile applicationYes for Android and iOS
Works for customers on mobile devices?Yes Yes, our chat works on mobile devices as well.
Visitor MonitoringYes The list of current website visitor is available. For each visitor IP, geographic location and local time, current page, history of browsing, browsing duration, OS and browser, custom data (if passed from the website) are available.
Chat statisticsYes Fully functional chat statistics app is available
Multi-siteYes Any subscription package allows using the same chat account on unlimited number of websites.
Multiple operatorsYes Number of available operator profiles is limited by subscription. All operators can be online concurrently.
Conversation transcriptsYes Not stored on our servers due to security reasons. Can be emailed in HTML / Text format to email(s) specified by customer. Transcripts storage and viewer app is in beta-testing and available by request.
Proactive chat triggers- Proactive chat invitation can be sent manually by operator
Visual customizationYes Customizable chat window color, font type and size, company logo, chat window title, chat button tooltips, chat icons, chat button and window position.
Visitor detailsYes Geo location, IP, ISP, OS and browser, possibility to pass custom visitor details from your website to operators.
Predefined responsesYes Can be created for the whole account and for specific operator/department
International supportYes Chats can be conducted in any language. Chat Messenger can be translated into any language as well.
Clickpath TrackerYes The user's browsing history is available in Visitors list and in visitor's details in the chat agent app sidebar.
Transfer to another operatorYes It is also possible to invite other operators to assist during chat
Custom extensionsYes Plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Magento. App for Shopify. Google Analitycs integration. Integration instructions for multiple other CMS and Shopping Carts.
Video chatNo
Remote screenshotNo
Desktop ApplicationsYes Native apps for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
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