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1's integrated multichannel chat platform combines live chat, real-time visitor monitoring, and Messenger to increase online sales, improve customer support and customer satisfaction scores.

From answering support queries to onboarding new customers, it can be used to facilitate every aspect of running a business.

Hosting, retail, travel, governmental, manufacturing, education, finance – any industry can benefit from's communication platform. makes it easy to talk to website visitors and regular customers, regardless of the channel they are using - website, email, SMS or social media services.

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Période d'essai gratuiteOui 14 days - no credit card, no commitments.
TarifsPricing starts at $10 / month / agent

There is no limitation as to the number of chats, number of agent profiles.
Date de lancement7 jul. 2017
Application WebOui Works with all up to date browsers.
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integration
Applications bureau (desktop)Oui Planned release date for desktop applications for both Mac OSX and Windows is July 2017
Support MobileOui Available for both iOS and Android devices.
Fonctionne pour les utilisateurs sur mobile ?Oui The chat widget is responsive on mobile devices.
Statistiques du chat
Multi-siteOui Multiple website support is available.
Opérateurs multiplesOui Comes with multiple user accounts. Different user roles available - agent, admin and owner.
Transcriptions des conversationsOui There's no expiration date on saved chat transcripts.
Messages hors ligneOui Offline messages are stored within the app, allowing to provide 24/7 support.
Personnalisation de l'apparence
Profil des visiteursOui The origin of a customer’s visit, browsing history, time spent on any given page, and more, are displayed within the app.
Réponses pré-enregistréesOui AI-powered canned responses with short tags.
Contrôle de la navigation utilisateurOui The details on the origin of a customer’s visit, browsing history and time spent on any given page.
Transfert entre opérateurs
Extensions personnaliséesOui Add-ons and integrations available - Facebook Messenger and more.
Discussion proactive
Suivi des visites
Video chat
Capture d'écran à distance
APIOui Open API and Javascript API are available.
Réseaux sociaux
Chat & Chatbot
24 aoû. 2017 13:18:50
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