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2018-10-02 09:25:22
Crisp is a livechat designed for startups and really simple to use
Crisp allows to manage users across multiple websites
Apps (iOS, Android, Mac & Windows) are available
Olark vs Zopim (online live chat support software)
Number of paid customers
Live chat widget
Trial and Prices
  • Crisp Basic: Free (2 agents, unlimited chats)
  • Crisp Pro: $25 (4 agents, unlimited chats)
  • Crisp Unlimited: $95 (unlimited agents, unlimited chats)
Launch date2015-11-01
Video tour
Chat statisticsYes
Multi-siteYes Unlimited
Multiple operatorsYes Unlimited
Conversation transcriptsYes
Visitor detailsYes See chat users types in real-time, country, town, social networks, etc
Visitor MonitoringYes
Offline messagesYes E-mail can be replied
Predefined responses- Soon
Visual customizationYes
International supportYes 25 languages
Clickpath TrackerYes Real-time
Transfer to another operatorYes Shared inbox between operators. What you see is what your team see
Custom extensionsYes 40 plugins including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, SMS, Zendesk
Proactive chat triggersYes
Native mobile applicationYes iOS, Android
Video chat- Soon
Remote screenshot- Soon
APIYes Api Javascript, REST
Affiliate / Credit Program
Social Networks
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL


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    Un super service et gratuit en plus !
    Français Posted 2016-05-14 12:10:53 by Hugo Mro
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    This service is free. It works well. Crisp is my favorite chat system. I recommend startupers to use it and to reduce their costs.
    Français Posted 2016-05-12 04:40:04 by Julien Le Coupanec
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    Super service, je recommande !
    Français Posted 2016-05-11 23:05:15 by Anthony Riera
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    Posted 2016-05-11 19:16:16 by Valerian Saliou
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    Posted 2016-05-11 18:45:50 by Marc Lefèvre
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    Posted 2016-05-09 21:30:52 by Baptiste Jamin

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