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2015-04-17 11:22:43

iAdvize is a leading live chat support solution which enables companies to interact in real-time with their online visitors. This real-time online customer service solution includes:

  • Live chat software: Click to Chat, Click to Call, Click to Video
  • Behavioural targeting engine
  • Customised Graphic Design
  • Multilingual support
  • [New 2015] Live Community Chat

Reactive and proactive chat invitations can help visitors complete their order which will increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction. With iAdvize, your agents can interact with 6 visitors simultaneously and see their website movements in real-time. This cloud-based solution has a strong behavioural targeting engine which means companies can chat with visitors in specific situations, those in the checkout funnel for example. It also provides sophisticated reports about live chat customer satisfaction, turnover generated thanks to live chat and missed contact opportunities.

More information : http://www.iadvize.com/en/features/
Live Chat Software Comparison
Video tourhttp://youtu.be/u0gxq6Gu5uE
Free trial periodYes
Pricing plans
  • Small Business: $29.90 dollars/month (1 agent, 50 000 pages views/month)
  • Standard Plan: $89.90 dollars/month (3 agents, 500000 pagesviews/month..)
Launch date2010-01-08
Web-based ApplicationYes PHP Web application
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integration
Desktop Applications
Native mobile applicationYes Desktop, tablet, smartphone... iAdvize enables you to advise your visitors wherever and whenever.
Works for customers on mobile devices?Yes https://www.iadvize.com/fr/wp-content/themes/iadvize/layoutImg/fr_FR/screenshots/accueil/screen-accueil-1.jpg
Chat statisticsYes More than 150 key Performance indicators: Measure your sales and transactions + monitor staff performance + measure satisfaction + Google Analytics
Multi-siteYes Unlimited from the Custom plan : manage your sites as you want and operators can be multi-site
Multiple operatorsYes Unlimited from the Pro plan
Conversation transcriptsYes Unlimited from the Pro plan
Offline messagesYes
CobrowsingYes You can see their actions in real-time. If necessary, your can take control of the visitor's browser
Visual customizationYes Graphic design customisation: interface to customize the chat window as you want
Visitor detailsYes Profile detailed with geo-localization and accessible during a discussion + followed real time by present visitors on the site
Predefined responsesYes
International supportYes Multilingual support: French, English, Spanish and German.
Clickpath TrackerYes
Transfer to another operatorYes
Custom extensionsYes API: Salesforce, Zendesk...
Proactive chat triggersYes
Visitor MonitoringYes You can see their actions in real-time. If necessary, your can take control of the visitor's browser
Video chatYes Give them the opportunity to access reassuring and human support by video conference. They can decide whether they are visible or not.
Remote screenshot
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