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2015-03-17 04:40:22
LikeParrot is an online platform that helps you to create a fluid communication between your customers and your company virtual agents to assist them in the purchase processes, help and support.

LikeParrot is perfect to improve your customer satisfaction and secure communications for your business providing a service 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

One of the great adventage is that you can use LikeParrot from any of these platforms: Kindle Fire, Mac OS X, Android or Web.

LikeParrot is an smart solution for customer service!
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Free trial periodYes 1 year free trial
Pricing plans
  • Personal: 1 virtual agent, 5 Simultaneous conversations. $10 USD/month
  • Professional: 1 virtual agent, 10 Simultaneous conversations, Visitor Statistics, 100 Customer profiles. $15 USD/month
  • Small Business: 5 virtual agent, 50 Simultaneous conversations, Visitor Statistics, 1000 Customer profiles, 10 Users for internal communication. $50 USD/month
  • Corporative: 50 virtual agent, 500 Simultaneous conversations, Visitor Statistics, 10000 Customer profiles, 100 Users for internal communication. $300 USD/month
Launch date2014-06-02
Web-based ApplicationYes Full HTML 5, CSS 3
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integrationYes XMPP (Jabber)
Desktop ApplicationsNo
Native mobile applicationYes Operators (Android application)
Works for customers on mobile devices?Yes Yes
Chat statisticsYes Complete chat statistics
Multi-siteYes Unlimited
Multiple operatorsYes Depends upon subscription package
Conversation transcriptsYes Conversation transcripts according to profile customers
Offline messagesYes Sent to email address
Visual customizationNo
Visitor detailsYes Name, Email, IP address
Predefined responsesYes
International supportYes English and Spanish
Clickpath Tracker
Transfer to another operatorYes
Custom extensionsNo
Proactive chat triggersYes Customizable
Visitor MonitoringYes
Video chatNo
Remote screenshotNo
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